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Professional Security and Supervision Services

When it comes to security, it’s never a good idea to compromise. R & M Security Service specialises in professional security services for a wide range of events and businesses. Whether you need a reliable company for crowd supervision and assistance or you’re looking for a trustworthy cash escort service, we are the company to call. All our security professionals are intensively trained and certified to provide strict security services. It is always our goal to keep everyone safe, the premises controlled and all your assets secure.
Crowds can be difficult to keep under control without the proper security services. Our team members are rigorously trained to handle all kinds of events and suppress any dangerous or disruptive behaviour immediately. We have offered unrivalled security services such as traffic control, breath and alcohol testing, customer relations to patrons of events, hospital security and more since 1982. 

Providing a Safe and Secure Environment for Attendees

Whether it is a fight, threat to valuable assets, over-intoxication or any other disruptive behaviour, we are fully equipped and trained to handle any situation. Our security professionals will work to subside and control any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour without hesitation to ensure that other event attendees can enjoy their time at the event.
When you need a reliable security service, R & M is the company to call. Our trained security professionals will make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is safe. Call today for specialised security.
Crowd supervision, crowd traffic control, bank security, breath and alcohol testing and 24/7 manned security are just a few services we can provide for you.
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We can provide reliable security services for a wide range of events.

Hire Us for Your Upcoming Special Event
If you want your event to run smoothly, it is essential that you have professional security services present. Whether your upcoming event is private or open to the public, we can handle security matters of all sizes. We have worked concerts, private party events, festivals and more. Count on our team to provide the very best in security services. Book your event today!

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